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Cecaudit International: our team








CAROLINE FONTAINE SEKALSKI After a few years leading an audit firm in Paris, Caroline joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL in 2000, initially as Head of Mission, and then as an associate from 2005. Caroline primarily oversees all audit work, including revision, statutory auditor, providing and due diligence. She is also the quality controller of CRCC PARIS . An intimate knowledge and close working relationship with customers allows her to provide effective advice. This continuous involvement leaves a little time for shopping, one part of her favorite pastimes .

VINCENT DOMON Vincent joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL after 5 years in a Parisian audit firm. This new position allowed him to move towards public accounting with a particular interest in tax advice and international operations. He is regularly involved in associations, being immediate past President of IECnet (an international network) and ACEM (where he is currently president). These links with international organisations allow him to fulfil a passion for travelling whilst working.









Arriving with CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL in 2005, Solenn is a graduate of accounting. Being joint head of the Council and Accountancy Department, Solenn has developed particular expertise on payroll and international taxation, in addition to conducting consulting work and supporting our customers.

As its name suggests, Britain remains a significant anchoring of its existence.  (what does this relate to ?)







Nathalie joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL in 2007 and in 2009 became Head of Mission. Very close to her customers , Nathalie has built strong and productive relationships with them. Together with Solenn, Nathalie leads the Department  of Council and Accountancy. She is fluent in Spanish, having a passion for both the culture and cuisine of Spain.







Patricia joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL in January 2009. She is a graduate of accounting. Patricia jointly oversees the Audit and Review Department and is mainly involved in statutory auditors assignments but is also involved in general accounting for some clients. Her zealous volleyball practice, where she plays as ferryman, means Patricia has a strong appreciation of the value and importance of teamwork.








Enma has joined the firm as an intern for now co-direct the review and audit department.
Already a graduate of accountancy in Peru (country of origin), it is now France.
In addition to the statutory audit, Enma has developed specific expertise in consolidation.
Parisian by adoption, she appreciates the charm of the city of light.