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Working at Cecaudit International



In Cecaudit , the accountant goes well beyond the traditional role of preparing accounts and tax preparation. They also provide business leaders with a wide range of services including development of dashboards, report preparation for the group, support in relationships with banks and investors, replacing the chief accountant, preparation of consolidated accounts, preparation of payroll and payroll taxes and legal secretary. This variety in missions is the essence of this art, achieved through  a close relationship with customers. What makes a good accountant? Ethics, discipline, adaptability, energy, and proactivity, all combined with very good customer relationships.


With nearly 100 mandates in statutory accounts (inclusive of EIP), International Cecaudit could develop a methodology that is consistent with professional standards and also ensures efficiency in achieving our mission. Correction via our customer’s feedback on our work allow us to perform our audits in a way that is beneficial to all.

A typical year in Cecaudit International

In a typical year, certain periods are marked by intense activity, due to our work being related to legal closing dates. Six months of intensive work (usually January-June) may be followed by quieter periods. Junior staff are frequently in direct contact with their customers. The duration of the procedure depends on the structure of the mission itself, it can range from a few days to a month. Some procedures, such as bookkeeping , are ongoing while others are held once or twice per year. This variety of rhythms is one of the constraints of this profession; but it also guarantees a dynamic and interesting environment that is constantly being renewed.


You will automatically be inserted into a team, so you will always have contacts and support in Cecaudit International. The wide variety of profiles of our customers and our constant desire to customise our service makes this framework essential.

Training to advance

In a constantly evolving business, Cecaudit offers training opportunities. Because you are working in a legal environment that is constantly evolving, it is important to regularly update your tax or accounting knowledge.

Long live diversity!

Our teams and our clients are from all over the world , this feature added to the diverse profiles of our customers is an infinite reservoir of experiences and meet new people.