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This is when you hand over all aspects of your accounting and financial transactions.

For tax purposes, this codification must be under the French GAAP system . However , we can also present your financial statements in other standards, such as IFRS. Additionally, the holding can be done as parallel or analytical, as well as multi-currency .

Our mission is to recognize the data you have provided us, identify all those who will have to complete  it and then assess your assets and liabilities and determine your best options.



We work with you to review what has been done, identify needs for correction and see things through to completion while constantly coordinating with your team. In the same spirit, you have our ongoing full financial support.



We can edit your consolidated accounts in various repositories, including French IFRS. This task requires an upstream organization to obtain the necessary information about the companies included in the scope. Also important are options to take with you, for example preferred methods, amortization or periods of goodwill.



We are able to work with you on topics such as complex VAT issues or international operations and can also anticipate (or suffer with you) tax audits. More to the point, you can declare and authorize payment of your taxes through our system. Our balance sheet date options systematically include tax reflection.



We can take care of all administrative aspects of personnel management. Payroll sheets and payroll taxes are the most obvious tasks but you can also entrust us with tracking sick days, DIF and training to name a few. Our partners can assist you in the event of disputes or problems with labor regulations, easing the burden on you knowing that we will be involved.



This is most often the legal secretariat led by the mission until its finalisation. But you can also entrust us with the creation of your business after that, if you wish, we can choose the best structure together.



Listening to advice you receive is essential. Therefore a dialogue can be established to guide you in your strategic choices while covering all areas mentioned above. We will provide prospects and advice but the ultimate decision must be yours .