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internationa enYou want to create a business in France

Your project must be formed and developed in the structure best suited to your case.

Together we will analyse not only your current situation but also your future expectations to avoid burdening future development by choosing inflexible legal structures or anything unsuitable .

Of course, this approach integrates tax and social aspects, as well as considering the operating costs of entities.

Looking for support for your international development

Why should a product or service be attractive if it never thinks outside the box?

The globalization of trade is a reality.

Our IECnet network can serve you internationally in more than 50 countries.

You can rely on foreign colleagues who are all like us.

We will also support co-ordination of all of your foreign operations .

You are a foreign company , we welcome you

Working in France as in many other countries) needs to be guided, especially at administrative and regulatory levels .

In this country, where the shape is often more important than substance, it is important to rely on a local team with whom you can communicate in English.

You’ll find experience working with foreign clients from all backgrounds and therefore able to adapt to different cultures and ways of thinking as a team.

Our role is to offer a gateway between your company, your project and our country.