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Entrepreneurship: Cecaudit helps you

Cecaudit International helps foreign companies to settle in France

Choice of company form

The law has developed different types of companies, whose operating rules differ and which do not entail all the same consequences as to the legal liability of the partners .

The choice of the form of society has also an impact on the tax and social security regimes revenue activity . Not sure about the legal form of company structure you will create the legal service Cecaudit International is able to advise you on these choices.

This position stems from a series of logical choices that guide you to the most suitable structure from an economic point of view . Then we take account of tax and social characteristics of each .


In France , it is not uncommon that the form is more important than substance. And the creation of a business comes with formalities that must be done in the right place and in good shape in order to correctly transcribe the choices that were made. Some options may be irreversible or very difficult to change. You can entrust us with this type of work we used to do .

 Foreign companies

You will duplicate your business model in France if you have successfully started in your own country . A new business in a new country requires to be accompanied but also to understand what you ‘re getting into. It is therefore important that we can explain clearly what are the possible choice because it is you who have the final decision.

So we adapt to your personal journey , your culture and your language.

We may, among other things, you have different options that you will take in English or Spanish.

Beyond the language, we also have a large international experience that will allow us to take all of the options that will be effective in a transnational perspective.

This implies also know the rules of your country and culture.

Our international network helps us greatly .

We can introduce these elements in English

With us you will find an experience of transnational issues that we can solve with our connections to international

This international culture often makes us familiar with the rules of your country