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International development: Cecaudit with you

Looking for support for the international development of your business, Cecaudit member of the IEC network helps you in all your efforts

IecnetSkills and experiences, his membership in the global network IEC International Cecaudit make the perfect partner for your international development .

Be accompanied

Crossing Borders needs guidance . Although market research remains paramount , do not choose the right administrative solution can prove to be fatal. Our support is not limited to contact with our foreign correspondents. We follow the progress of your move abroad , including on the spot if necessary . This is done in a natural way as the international IECnet network is much more than directory . In this adventure, able to trust is essential

Each of the laws of this world features, even in Europe. France is characterized by a particularly high importance of substance over form .. We can explain the mysteries of the French legislation in English and if possible with reference to that of your country. The goal is that you can understand the consequences of your decisions and make being reassured.

We always check the legal , social and fiscal solutions are compatible with your company in its country of origin. A solution designed solely French point of view is not suitable . Must be able to verify , either with your internal administrative teams , either with colleagues or correspondents IECnet network that the solutions are sustainable.

Knowledge of the laws of target countries

Issues of international tax, transfer pricing or withholding are those most frequently asked . It is the same with the law of Labour or paid and payroll taxes. We now have some familiarity with you in this legislation

Billing adapted to Small Companies

Our rates are adapted to the size of an SME. We are a small business ourselves and we are able to understand that these issues are so complex that they must be treated as simple and direct as possible . This pragmatic approach allows you to get answers on crucial topics with an investment cost that is affordable .